Rich’s Syrups are used in various applications such as coffee, tea, ice-blended, soda, cocktail and mocktail, etc.—enhancing the beverage’s overall taste without overwhelming other ingredients’ flavors.

Green Light Granita
  • Green Light Granita
  • Green Light Granita
  • Green Light Granita

Green Light Granita


- 15 ml

- 15 ml

Hibicus syrup - 10 ml

Kiwi - 50 g

Sprite - 120 ml

Ice cubes - 180 g


Prepare In: 3-5 phút

*Rich's Kiwi Syrup can be replaced with Rich's Peach/Raspberry Syrup.

Put in the blender Rich's Bio Mint Syrup, hibicus syrup, kiwi, sprite and some ice cubes.

Blend well.

Pour Rich's Kiwi Syrup into a glass and add ice cubes. Pour the mixture in step 3 into the glass.

Decorate with kiwi. Serve with a straw.

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