Rich Products Vietnam

Rich Products Vietnam

Rich Products Vietnam is a subsidiary of global Rich Products Corporation of which headquarter is in Buffalo, New York, United States. Rich's is a pioneer and leader in the field of frozen food industry which is not derived from animal milk. As a prestigious market leading company with over 20 years in Vietnam and more than 70 years in the world, Rich's has been pleasing customers with high quality products and superior applications, recipes and is considered as a sensitive corporation in sharing new ideas, know-how and products of international standards in Vietnam and around the world.

Referring to Rich's is referring to the optimized food solutions, enthusiasm customer assisting in their business development, leaving lasting impression in the hearts of customers, and caring them as the ones in family.

Nationally distributing products through out Viet Nam and having representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Da Nang and Can Tho, Rich's has been constantly expanding to other places. Besides that, the company's products are also exported to neighboring countries and received many certificates of quality such as ISO, HACCP and HALAL.

The most widely known product of Rich's is Gold Label (as known as yellow label cream), which has become the top choice of professional bakers due to its high overrun, pure and easy-to-blend white color and unique milk flavor derived from plants.

In addition, Rich's has developed many other products with superior features which breaks the limits and the old concept of the food industry. One of these outstanding applications is choux and custard mixing powder, which helps to minimize the time working out a batch of cakes by skipping the traditional filling cooking step.

Rich's products are not only limited in cake industry, but also used in cooking recipes as well as mixed drinks. We have developed trendy formulas in market such as milk foam tea or chocolate dollop.

Aiming for the development of clients and having the expectation for brighter future of Vietnamese food industry, Rich's constantly innovates ideas, recipes and high quality products, and provides absolute satisfaction to all customers.

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Tel: +84 8 3866 4888 
Fax: +84 8 3866 2679 


Rich's has appeared in Vietnam since 1993, being the first company bringing non-dairy cream products to those who love baking. At that time, baker was still a vague job and not yet recognized by many people. In addition, the only ingredients using to make decorating cream at that time are cheap, easy-stored faire butter and shortening.

Since the knowledge of consumers and bakers about raw milk cream was still limited, plus the humid, hot climate in Vietnam caused many disadvantages for the preservation of cream, and many bakeries didn't have refrigerator or freezer to store cakes, Rich's faced lots of difficult to reach the market with raw cream.

Nevertheless, due to the breakthrough quality of products and dedicated, enthusiasm attitude of customer care staffs, Rich's became the pioneer to change Vietnamese mindset about cakes to get closer to the world, through classes and workshops held at the company.

Thanks to the enthusiasm sharing from Rich's technical team, many bakeries have increased productivity, from producing 1 - 2 loaves to 15 - 20 loaves a day, the taste of their cakes is more delicious and the look is more eye-catching, then they became the long-time partners of Rich's.


Having become a familiar name for the bakeries in Vietnam, Rich's opened the first representative office in 2000 at Ho Chi Minh City. With the enthusiastic supports from domestic and foreign customers, Rich's opened a factory in 2008 at Binh Duong Province, distributing products throughout Vietnam and exporting abroad.

In 2005, Rich's officially opened a representative office in Hanoi. 3 years later, Rich's opened 2 more offices in Can Tho and Da Nang. All of Rich's offices have Customer Care Center, which is a large kitchen area fully furnished the equipment needed for the research, creation of technical sale representatives, and also a place for hosting baking and bartending workshops for beloved customers of Rich's.


After the first phase focused on decorating cream, Rich's R&D team has created many new products to serve the bakers, such as fruit gel, fruit filling, chocolate compound, sponge cake mix, chiffon, muffin, choux, and many other products.

Along with Rich's high-quality, outstanding products are strategic applications, which helps customers easily penetrate Vietnamese food and drink market.

At the beginning of 2012, Rich's expanded the range of applications from the cake to culinary and drink recipes, attracts many Vietnamese coffee store chains and proves the class of the world's leading food company.

Contact us for more information:

Tel: +84 8 3866 4888 
Fax: +84 8 3866 2679 

With sales offices, manufacturing facilities, research and development capabilities spanning across Vietnam, Rich’s is able to offer its customers a unique combination of global food knowledge, production expertise, and personal attention.”

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