Toppings, Creams & Culinary Solutions

  • Rich's Crumb Softener

    Rich's Crumb Softener

    For operators who yearn for softer bread and buns, they will be glad to know about RICH’S Crumb Softener. This is an excellent choice for emulsified liquid, which helps keep baked goods softer and longer without compromising on product quality.

  • Avoset Pour N’ Whip Performance Plus

    Avoset Pour N’ Whip Performance Plus

    Truly a premium cake topping choice, Avoset Pour N’ Whip Performance Plus has unique capabilities. It creates high overrun, with 4 times extra volume after whipping! Plus, its excellent product stability prolong shelflife as cakes will not crack despite being refrigirated for 5 days! The result is an enhanced, appealing and perfect cake appearance. Avoset Pour N’ Whip Performance Plus allows top bakers to successfully achieve exquisitely detailed designs.

  • Avoset Pour N’ Whip

    Avoset Pour N’ Whip

    Avoset Pour N’ Whip is the most premium topping choice for delectable cakes, fillings, and toppings on fruit, ice-cream and mousse. Over the years it has become the choice non-dairy topping (ND Topping) for many leading hotels and foodservice businesses in the world. It has become the benchmark for the best topping! You get the smooth, rich and creamy taste of diary topping but without the operational problems of using dairy products.

  • Toppin’ PRIDE

    Toppin’ PRIDE

    Toppin' PRIDE is a delicious, high-yield, whipped topping that provides the ultimate in versatility, value and signature flavor for operators with large-volume bakery, dessert, and deli salad dressings.

  • Value Pride SoftBlend

    Value Pride SoftBlend

    For those who are health-conscious, you'll be happy to know that VALUE PRIDE SoftBlend is an excellent less sweet choice that does not compromise on good taste and flavor. And if you are a cost - conscious operator, VALUE PRIDE SoftBlend provides you with the ease of operation through its superior stability, high yield and profit at a very competitive price. Plus! This great innovation comes with great qualities at an affordable price.

  • Value Pride

    Value Pride

    To our cost-conscious users, VALUE PRIDE is a superior non-dairy whip topping available at the most competitive price, providing unquestionable values combined with consistency, great taste, and superior performance.

  • Rich's Bettercreme

    Rich's Bettercreme

    Rich’s Bettercreme non-dairy icing is preferred by decorators and consumers alike because it offers endless decorating opportunities and easier to use. For base icing, it glides on without cracks or tears. It makes flowers, borders and distinctive design work a breeze. Consumers prefer it because it’s lighter, less sweet and has zero grams of trans fat per serving. RICH’S Bettercreme non-dairy icing offers greater yield than Buttercreme icing.

  • Rich's Pastry Topping

    Rich's Pastry Topping

    Special for bread dough & European style desert.

  • Rich's Gold Label

    Rich's Gold Label

    Rich's - The World's 1st Non-Dairy Topping is pleased to introduce Rich's Gold Label - the next generation of cake & dessert topping. Rich's Gold Label was developed for high volume and cost-sensitive operators. It provides outstanding yield, unmatched stability, a new dairy flavour, and the option to whip at high speed.

  • Rich’s Versatié

    Rich’s Versatié

    Rich's Versatié is the total solution for kitchen as it has the good texture and pleasant taste for both cold and hot applications. It also provides the extra advantage points to improve profitability.

  • Rich's Niagara Farms

    Rich's Niagara Farms

    RICH'S Niagara Farms is a delicious dairy blend whip topping. It gives the creamy dairy note consumers want and the superior stability operators need for an attractive appearance. With exceptional performance and delectable taste, RICH'S Niagara Farms is a chef's perfect choice for topping, icing and filling to create luscious, exotic cakes, desserts and pastries that will make consumers crave for more!

  • Niagara Farms Premium Blended Yogurt Topping

    Niagara Farms Premium Blended Yogurt Topping

    Rich’s Yogurt Topping is the No.1 and unique premium yogurt topping in Vietnam market — ideal for mid to high-end bakery cafés, dessert shops, etc… desired to create innovative and exciting menu offerings. Rich’s Yogurt Topping is a ready-to-whip yogurt topping that can be used as an ingredient for beverages and desserts.

  • Rich's Whip Topping Base

    Rich's Whip Topping Base

    RICH’S Whip Topping Base is a frozen liquid-concentrated whip topping that can be used astoppings, icing and fillings. Virtually any flavors, colors and sweeteners can be added to RICH’S Whip Topping Base without affecting its stability. It is an economical choice for large volume consuming operators.

  • Rich's Non-Dairy Creamer

    Rich's Non-Dairy Creamer

    This product is very versatile and can be used in many recipes: As a creamer for hot coffee, tea and cold beverages; ingredient for Halo-Halo dessert; makes smooth and creamy soups and sauces; ingredient for desserts such as flan and puddings.

  • Rich's Whip Topping Chocolate

    Rich's Whip Topping Chocolate

    Rich's Whip Topping Chocolate - a ready-to-whip chocolate whip topping - offers a delicious chocolate flavor, good product stability, and product consistency minus all the trouble to make your own chocolate whip topping.