The “Secret Weapon” To Perfect Vietnamese Sweet Soup (Chè)

Chè is a familiar dessert to Vietnamese people. It is impossible to call out all names of Chè in one day since Chè has numerous names based on its rich ingredients, processes and characteristics from different regions: chè bưởi (grapefruit), chè đậu xanh (green beans), chè ba màu (three colors), chè đậu đen (black beans), ... Despite its diversity, most of Chè share the same “secret weapon” making people crave for more, it is the coconut milk.
The coconut milk is surely delicious, but making quality creamy one is not easy.
It is very tiring and time consuming to choose the right coconut or to go through a complex making process. In addition, the purchase of ready-to-go coconut milk at stores raises the issue for food safety. Not to mention that the shelf life of fresh coconut milk is very limited.
However, if you are a true fan of Chè, there is still a solution to help you not only enjoy a delicious bowl of Chè, but also assure that you will have it quickly and effortlessly. It’s Rich's Versatié.

Rich's Versatié

Convenience and time-saving
With Rich's Versatié, the preparation and process of making coconut milk is shortened to the minimum. Now, by doing a simple action as pouring Versatié directly on Chè, you can use it immediately. For some people who do not like serving cold, you can heat up Versatié and then pour it directly on Chè while it is hot.
Heat resistance
Rich's Versatility is not only a convenient solution to your kitchen, but it is also well-known for its heat resistance’s ability which is very stable and does not create lumps, therefore; the processing with many types of Chè will be less complicated but still can keep the delicious flavor and nice texture.
High Quality
Rich’s Versatié has clear origin and full standards of food hygiene as well as food safety certificates such as HACCP, ISO; helps to deliver fresh and creamy bowls of Chè with the guarantee for users’ health.
Long shelf life
Rich’s Versatié has numerous benefits to increase the profit such as it can be stored in a cooler for 18 months (without opening the package) and it can be used within 14 days (If the package is opened). With the convenience in cap design, screw top can be closed again, unnecessary to cut to open.
This product is an ideal substitute for coconut milk with creamy flavor, thick texture and flexible applications for many types of Chè from hot to cold serving.
The most common applications using Versatié directly are:


Mung bean and water chestnut pudding

See how to make Mung bean and water chestnut pudding here


Black Bean Sweet Soup with Boba (Tapioca balls)

See how to make Black Bean Sweet Soup with Boba (Tapioca balls) here
From fresh and healthy ingredients such as green beans, mung beans and black beans, combining well with rich creamy taste of Versatié, these two dishes become complete, making people crave for more.
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