Rich’s Syrups are used in various applications such as coffee, tea, ice-blended, soda, cocktail and mocktail, etc.—enhancing the beverage’s overall taste without overwhelming other ingredients’ flavors.

Durian Pandan Foam

Durian Pandan Foam


- 470g

- 5ml

Pandan syrup     100ml (100g pandan, 500g sugar, 350ml water)

Durian     90g

Pandan foam     40g

Milk     50ml

Pandan     1ml

Ice     190g

Natural green color     10g

N2O gas     1


Prepare In:

Pandan Foam: Blend well pandan and water. Then, cook with sugar syrup and filter the juice.

Store the mixture in the refrigerator till condensed.

Pour 450g Rich's On Top, 5ml Rich's Vanilla Syrup, 50ml pandan syrup and natural green color into 1 liter whipper. Stir well.

Charge 1 gas and shake 20-30 times.

Durian Pandan Foam: Blend the mixture of durian, milk, 50ml pandan syrup, 1ml pandan, 20ml Rich's On Top and ice.

Pour the mixture into glass and pour the pandan foam on top.

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